Quality Policy

Meezan Oil in its motto "Your Satisfaction: Our Success" Signifies the concept of focus company which concentrates on providing its customers with Quality products.

Inspection & Testing

Meezan Oil Lab & research is team of highly educated and motivated individuals to provide their customers services such as technical advice on products and their applications and product testing and analysis.

Products Range

We offers complete range of best quality automobile lubricants. Our wide range inclusive of: Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Heavy Duty Brake and Clutch Fluid and multipurpose Greas as well as hydraulic Oils.


About Us

Meezan Oil offers a complete range of best quality automobile lubricants. Our wide range inclusive of Engine Oil for both type of vehicles i.e. Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine, Gear Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Heavy Duty Brake & Clutch Fluid and Multipurpose Grease as well as Hydraulic Oil, with a short span of time, Alhamdulellah, we managed to extend our export circle to key African countries, South American, Eastern Europe, GCC Region and South Asian Countries.

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Mission Statement:

To Manufacture and supply superior quality lubricants, fuel additives and chemicals which provide value added performance for our customers.

We are dedicated to a professional sales force with technical support, and continuous improvement of our people, products and service.

We are ordinary people doing an extraordinary work. This is our mission; by the grace of Allah we will fulfill it.


Chairman Message

One of our most important company assets is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair dealing. As you know, reputation is a very fragile asset that can easily be destroyed by the actions or failures of one or more of us. Because of unprecedented scrutiny on corporate behavior, we need to emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to these Standards.

Meezan's Standards of Business Conduct are your guide to your ethical and legal responsibilities with respect to your status an employee, as well as your dealings with our customers, competitors, and suppliers.

Quick Contacts


Phone:+971 7 2438552.

Mobile:+971 529294588.

Fax: +971 7 2438175.

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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